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Born to Perform

I was taught to sing at the age of six, by a wonderful school choir teacher who saw that a small quiet child could hit the very highest notes... and just needed a little encouragement and an outlet. 

Through the next three years I learned how to find harmonies in anything, and I could escape into music no matter what life threw at me. Both parents were musical, my father played guitar and my mother always sang, so from these seemingly simple beginnings I feel destined to have song running through my veins.

Throughout the course of my musical career since I joined my first gigging band in 2008, I've worked with many different musicians and developed my own style and versatility. I've spent many years now working around other vocalists of differing styles & ranges and with as many different musicians as possible.

My preferred style is Classic Hard Rock but I have a Bluesy, Soulful voice that's bigger than I am and I can hit those top notes with the best of them.

I will pretty much sing anything, from Etta James and Tina Turner one minute to ending the party with ACDC and GnR. 

Performing at a variety of venues over the years, I seem to have earned the admiration of most of my audiences and musical peers, & I enjoy the challenge of learning new material to expand my repertoire even further.

Available to dep, session sing and travel for new projects, it is always worth asking if you'd like my help with your musical ideas, please get in touch.

I work in a Duo called 'J.B & Brown', and as a Solo Vocalist I perform Soul, Disco and Rock songs with backing tracks. You'll find me in a few covers bands too if you visit East London and Essex.

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